Are you looking to progress your climbing?

Here at Redpoint we have a team of experienced and qualified coaches to help you on your climbing journey. We offer a bespoke coaching package to suit climbers of all abilities, no matter your goal.

While all working to the high standards we expect from all of our coaches, each of them brings their own personal approach and skillset to their work. Meet Our Coaches and see who fits you the best.

We also have more info on each of our coaching packages, including the benefits and details of each option. If you’re not sure which one to go for, just drop us an email and our coaching team can discuss the options with you.

1:1 Coaching

Have you hit a plateau? Not sure what’s holding you back from that next grade? Why not try a private coaching session…?

Our 1:1 coaching sessions are bespoke to suit your climbing needs. Whether you want to focus on technique, a specific weaknesses or get a personalised ‘MOT’ of your overall climbing – whatever your goal, we can match you up with one of highly trained coaches.

You will receive personalised 1:1 coaching for 1.5 hours (longer sessions available), and be given a specific action plan to advance your climbing journey.

When: Check the calendar below or drop us an email and we can see what we can do.

Who: Climbers aged 18+ of any ability (Under 18 sessions available on request – please get in touch via email to organise)

How Much: £50 (an additional participant can be added for £25)

How long: 1.5 hours (additional durations available on request)

How to book? Book online or drop us an email

Monthly Coaching Workshop

Monthly Coaching Workshops are run on the first Thursday of the month. Our coaches will take it in turns to deliver one or two key skills that most climbers could do with improving. Example subjects could be confidence on overhangs, dead points, tactics, how to self-coach technique, endurance training and anything else that the coaches fancy teaching.

The sessions are relatively informal with a max of 12 participants and normally run from 7 to 8.30pm. For more info on our next workshops, check out the details below, the posters in the centre, follow our social media channels or ask at reception.


Next Workshop

2nd December – Learn to manage negative self talk

Do you ever hear a voice in your head when you’re climbing that says something like; ‘you can’t do it’, ‘you’re not good enough’, ‘you won’t make that hold or clip so just give up now’. This voice can prevent you from pushing your limits and committing to moves. It can also suck away your energy as you try to fight or block it out,  and concentrate on climbing at the same time. In this workshop you’ll talk to other people experiencing the same thing, acknowledge what exactly is going on for you whether leading, top roping or bouldering; and explore some methods for managing it.


Cost: £5 plus normal entry price (free for prepaid members)

Book below or talk to us at reception for more details.