If you are a registered competent climber, you can supervise up to two novices of any age in the centre up to your corresponding registration ability.

There are some basic rules to follow:

  1. Complete all the paperwork at reception
  2. You must ACTIVELY supervise your children at ALL TIMES
  3. You must stay in sight of your children at all times
  4. Remember that adults have priority in the centre
  5. If your child is belaying you must physically back them up (by holding the dead rope)

Climbing walls are not safe environments for children to run free. We have high standards of supervision in our centres. Please remember it may not be possible for you to both climb for yourself AND supervise a child at the same time. This is particularly true of small children or when you are supervising two children.

It is not acceptable to let your children use the boulder walls while you climb on the ropes, or auto-belay.

If you are registering for the first time in order to supervise children, you may be asked to demonstrate your knowledge and experience. Please be aware that demonstrating that you can belay at the desk is not a guarantee of competence at the time, or in the future.


Instructed Sessions

Alternatively we recommend letting us take your little ones climbing for you, then you can go climbing without them distracting you!

We run all sorts of sessions for kids. Have a look at the kids section for the full range.