All our coaches at Redpoint are qualified with a minimum of the Climbing Wall Development Instructor award, issued by the Mountain Training awarding body, as well as being trained Foundation coaches.

Our coaches are trained to develop growth mindsets in the people we teach, empowering you to see failures as stepping stones on a path of continuous improvement.

The team are happy to coach at any level but each has their own area they like to focus on. Check out each of the coaches below to see who might be the best fit for you.


“With my background in parkour then bouldering I have a lot of experience learning, developing and applying techniques through playing and experimenting, which is how I coach movement.

From my more recent efforts in sport climbing it’s become clear to me how much good tactics and session structure affect the outcome of a day climbing and how often this is overlooked.

I also have knowledge of physical training in form, protocols and appropriate, targeted use of a wide range of exercises.”


“I am a friendly and approachable all-round climber with loads of experience in trad, sport and bouldering. I am passionate about climbing and can’t wait to help you reach your ultimate potential.

I have been climbing for 12 years and coaching for 5. I have helped set up and run youth development squads and taught everyone from 4 year olds climbing for the first time to 75 year olds who want tips on lead climbing technique which has given me a wealth of experience to draw from.

I focus on utilising body position to climb efficiently rather than relying on strength to get you to the top. Balancy slab climbs and tenuous slopers are my forte and I can help them be yours as well. I use my experience to identify your strengths and weaknesses to help you maximise your climbing ability and get the most out of your sessions.”


“I’ve been climbing for well over 10 years, mainly focusing on outdoor sport climbing and indoor lead and bouldering. I like to focus on climbing technically perfectly and love the beauty in climbing movement; this is what I love to coach.

I aim to create a fun and safe environment where I can promote self discovery on how my clients move on the rock or wall, helping give the climber a toolset of techniques they can use for any and all situations. I love problem solving and utilise this approach when coaching and climbing personally.

Having been trained to run Lattice Assessments I’m comfortable measuring and interpreting specific climbing metrics and using this data to help plan clients’ training. At Redpoint I’m the head coach so have a wide range of experience coaching lots of different climbers.”


Growing up in north Wales there are not too many things, but there is plenty of climbing, so that is what I’ve done pretty much my whole life.

I’ve worked in outdoor activities, climbing centres and freelance out in the wild. Climbing outside is my passion, from pushing the limits on sport or setting out for a day of trad faff, but I do enjoy climbing inside, whether it be endurance session on the auto belays or projecting a route, I understand the unique benefits that indoor climbing brings. I’ve been coaching people of all ages to climb indoor and outdoor for over 10 years, I have plenty of expertise in teaching, route reading, stretch training, power endurance and movement.

I have a very relaxed style of coaching that is balanced with a massive amount of enthusiasm and passion for climbing.