We strive to make Redpoint a climbing centre that is accessible to everyone.


Our centre has parking on two sides, along Luckwell Road and Winterstoke Road. Our main front door is found on the corner of Luckwell and Winterstoke Road, opposite the petrol station. This entrance is stepped access to our cafe and centre – we can open our side door on Luckwell Road to allow ramp entry, please get in touch with us so we can arrange this.

Our reception is down steps from the front door, on the same level as our side entrance. Registration and forms can be done from standing height tablet computers, personal mobile devices or from a handheld tablet that is kept behind reception. We are happy to offer short tours to new customers and climbers to help them find their way around our centre.

Climbing areas

Our two largest climbing rooms (Red and Green room) have step free access (there are a few short steep ramps connecting rooms of about 3-4″ in gain over 4-5″ in distance). Crazy Climb’s waiting area and climbing zone are both step free, with viewing possible from the waiting area.

We also have five smaller bouldering and climbing areas which are accessed via stairs. Both the Blue and Yellow room are accessed halfway up the main staircase (with handrails and wide steps) and the Cave and Taunton bouldering rooms are at the top of the main staircase. The Slab bouldering room is accessed via the Green room staircase (handrail on one side with narrower steeper steps).

All of our climbing areas have rubber crumb flooring, bouldering rooms have large soft boulder mats and the main staircase is wooden.

Viewing areas

Our main viewing areas are up staircases. As our building is an old cinema, the staircases are not straight and can have variable height steps.

The Crazy Climb viewing area is accessed from the Crazy Climb waiting area (handrail on one side) but the majority of climbs can be seen from the ground floor waiting area.

Little Monkeys and Rock Monkey sessions are often in the Blue or Yellow rooms. The viewing area for these sessions is accessed via the back staircase (steep steps, handrail on one side, variable stair heights/ uneven steps) and then the Stretching Platform steps (very narrow, door at the bottom, handrail on one side). Please speak to us ahead of time to see if your child’s session could take place in the Red or Green rooms to allow step free viewing.

Toilets & Changing

We have an accessible toilet inside of the side entrance. We also have multiple cubicle style toilets down steps from our cafe. Our changing rooms and showers can be found at the top of the main staircase or back staircase.

Instructed Sessions

If you have any specific accessibility needs then please get in touch with us about your requirements and we will be happy to help. Please make our team aware at time of booking so we can help you choose the right session, ensure the instructor is aware and can give you a briefing before the session begins.


Our cafe is down steps from our main front door or up steps from our ground level side entrance. We are happy to serve customers with mobility needs at a location in our centre that is best for them.

How can we help?

We know that climbing is a brilliant sport that anyone can enjoy and are more than happy to find a way for any visitor to enjoy our centre. Please speak to us to discuss individual disability and mobility needs, so that we can create an individual plan for your visit.