Student Info

At Redpoint, we facilitate a number of local student climbing and mountaineering clubs. These clubs bring new students and potential club members to our centre to introduce them to the world of climbing in a controlled and safe manner, that doesn’t rely on the Great British weather!

If you’re a novice and are visiting with your club, please see the Student Novices section below.

If you’re a supervisor from a club, please see the Student Supervisors section below.

If you represent a local climbing club and are interested in using our facilities, please contact us.

Student Novices

Welcome! We’re looking forward to you starting your climbing journey with us here at Redpoint Bristol. Your experienced team of Student Supervisors will be showing you the ropes (😉) and introducing you to the best sport, hobby and lifestyle on the planet!

It can really slow down our reception and annoy our customers if we get held up with lots of problems, so please be careful to complete all of the steps below correctly before you arrive. When you get here, we’ll take care of the rest. 😄

Thank you very much and we look forward to seeing you soon!

1. Watch our Induction Video

2. Read our Terms & Conditions of Use

3. Complete an Adult Registration Form

Pro Tip: Where it asks if “Can you belay, tie in and use a harness”, please answer ‘No‘.

4. Complete a Student Novice Form.

Student Supervisors

Student Supervisors are required to attend a training session at Redpoint Bristol with our Chief Instructor. We want to be confident that supervisors personal knowledge and supervision techniques are adequate before being let loose in our facility, around our other customers.

All Student Supervisors must complete the Student Supervisor Form below.

Links to BMC advice and guidelines are also provided for further reading.