We understand that many of our customer just cannot come at a time when we are full to current capacity. So evening and weekend sessions are not possible for them.

When we opened up, after lock down, we did so with limited opening times as this means we can keep staff in safe working bubbles.

So to accommodate shielding customers we ran a shielding session in the mornings on Thursdays in August. This was shielding specific and we hope it helped to transition people back into climbing in a comfortable way. But unfortunately we cannot continue this shielding specific session into the winter.

However, on Thursday and Fridays (starting 10th Sept) we are going to open up at 10:30am at Flashpoint Bristol. This session would not be shielding specific but would naturally be a fairly quiet time that we hope would be acceptable to all but the most vulnerable of climbers.

There will be a “toddler bounce” session happening in the other half of the building, but that should be in full flow before you arrive leaving the entrance clear for climbers.

We hope these early sessions work out for our customers who are having to be especially careful at this time.

Re-Opening Dates

We will reopen on Monday 12th April following the government announcement on 5th April.

ALL SESSIONS must be prebooked online before arrival.
Booking is now open for members and non-members for all sessions between 12 – 18 April.

Under 18 lessons will be available including Crazy Climb, Rock Monkeys, Flashpoint Youth & Private Lessons.

Don’t forget to BOOK ONLINE before arrival!!!