Covid Rules from 10th December 2021


All customers must wear a mask in our centre’s unless they are actively climbing, belaying, exercising, eating or drinking.
We are sorry to have to bring this back in. The Government’s “Plan B” does require us to enforce this rule in our centre’s. So please put on your mask before coming in the door and keep it on in all communal areas. 



If you are displaying symptoms of Covid then please DO NOT come to the centre. If you are clearly unwell we will ask you to come back another time.


Avoid the Queue

Members and Punch Card Holders can use the Self Check-In station to skip the queue. Just scan your card, exchange a nod with the receptionist and head in. 


Busy Times

There are no legal capacity limits any more. But be aware that we will monitor the centre and if it gets very busy we may have to switch to a one-in-one-out system. The duty manager will use a counter and make the call on the day. 

The climbing walls are busiest on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. So if you want a quieter session consider coming on Monday or Friday evenings, before 5pm on weekdays or after 5pm on weekends. 


Social Distancing

There are no longer any laws around this, but some of our customers will still be anxious of strangers getting too close so please keep this in mind.