Introducing Wild Climbers

Ratio: 1:4

Ages: 4-7

Duration: 1 hour

Cost: £15 (booked as a term) / £15.50 (individual sessions)

Redpoint have been lucky enough to work with NICAS to trial and help develop the new Wild Climbers scheme.

Our Little Monkeys lessons work through the Wild Climbers syllabus to introduce younger climbers safely into the indoor climbing environment, develop their awareness of climbing movements, improve confidence and create a pathway into additional climbing activities.

So.. What is Wild Climbers?

It’s a fun, game-filled, skill-based experience which provides the core skills required for climbing and bouldering. Using a logbook, the Little Monkeys will be working through 3 levels in 6 different key skill areas (agility, balance, co-ordination, teamwork, focus and communication), earning stickers and certificates to track their progress.

Using games and challenges on and off the climbing wall, we aim for the participants to learn these skills in a simple environment, often staying on the mats. Once the skill has been learned we progress to bouldering and roped climbing to practice and develop the skills.

All our coaches are experienced and take the safety of your child as their priority while providing a fun and friendly experience. Climbing comes so naturally to kids, we just love seeing them in their element having fun and climbing the walls.


Our Little Monkeys sessions can be booked as a Little Monkeys Club term booking, offering a discount on the price per session. We advise purchasing a Wild Climber logbook to accompany the session and log your child’s progress, the logbooks are £15 and available from reception.

During the school holidays we run Little Monkeys individual sessions. Visit our Holiday Programme page for more info.