Little Monkeys

In the holidays we run extra Little Monkeys sessions ideal for children aged 4 – 7 yrs old.

We focus on having loads of fun while learning balance and building confidence on our walls.

The kids are taken into the main climbing wall in small groups with a dedicated instructor.

We will play some games, harness them up, tie them in and keep them safe while they climb as high as they like up our walls.

Crazy Climb

We have Crazy Climb sessions running every weekend throughout the year, but in the holidays we run them every weekday too!

These are great fun sessions for all the family.

The walls are 10+ meters high and have challenges from teetering up the towers to scaling volcanoes.

Rock Monkeys Individuals

In the holidays we run Rock Monkeys Individual sessions so that our regular kids can get their fix, or newbies can come and try climbing for the first time.

Rock Monkeys can be anywhere from 7 to 17yrs old (but we recommend Redpoint Youth for teenagers).

No experience is necessary to join these sessions.

The focus is on having fun but we will also be drip-feeding in skills such as tying knots and movement techniques throughout the session.

This is great as a one-off session or to see if you are keen to join the club more long term.

Boulder Club

Bouldering is low level climbing above crash mats, without ropes.

Boulder Club is a one off session on our boulder walls, supervised by our qualified instructors.

These sessions provide space for young climbers to socialise or to develop their climbing movement skills, without the need to spend time belaying, tying knots etc.

It’s perfect for somebody to have their first taste of bouldering or for our regulars to get some time to focus on their skills.

Redpoint Youth

A relaxed climbing session with our qualified instructors. These sessions provide space for teenage climbers to socialise, while improving their climbing skills.

Participants can be brand new to the sport, or working their way through NICAS Levels 1 – 3/3+

Suitable for our older kids, 13 – 17.