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Welcome to the Rock Monkeys and Little Monkeys Club Public Booking Page. For full information on the clubs, please visit their main pages.

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How our bookings work

Due to their popularity, we open bookings for our term-time clubs a whole term in advance. For example, bookings for Term 2 open at the start of Term 1.

We give existing club members (who are already booked onto a current club) the chance to book themselves a space before we open bookings to the public. Public Bookings are available 1 week after the start of the previous term.

Please see below for the exact date and time that public bookings open for Rock Monkeys and Little Monkeys Clubs.

Existing Club Members:

Bookings for existing club members go live at 7 PM on the Sunday before the previous term. You should receive a reminder email a few days before this and another email as the bookings go live. You will have 7 days to make your booking before bookings are made available to the public. Please book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

If you think that you have not received your email, please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

Join the mailing list!

If you’d like to receive a reminder after public bookings are live, please click here to be put on our mailing list. Please make sure that [email protected] is white-listed from your email provider, and double-check that you’ve entered it correctly before pressing subscribe.

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